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If you already have an account,login is the first company dedicated to provide Online to Offline (O2O) and all categories e-commerce platform in Africa. Our goal is through internet make 1.2 billion African people enjoy the ultimate shopping experience and improve local living services. We has strong global supply chain integration capabilities to competitively priced and rich category and supply excellent quality of goods and services, in fast and reliable way by  flexible payment services to all consumers in Africa. In addition, we were providing online sales platform and a series of value-added logistics services to third-party sellers.


Hi2shop Uganda Operator Headquarters office is in Kampala, it has self-built warehouse and self-logistics team which extend the platform category for African consumers to buy more cheap and favorite goods through global investment. Consumers can use local services to enjoy more convenient and perfect service.


Hi2shop is a technology-driven and customer-oriented company, since its inception has invested reliable flexible e-commerce platform with large-tonnage system research and development to constantly upgrade application services as the core of its own technology. We had been continuing to enhance the strength of the company's technology platform with better improvement of internal operational efficiency while providing superior service to African consumers. Let’s make an influential e-commerce platform for Africa people.


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